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The Post office has a long legacy for last 350 years and was at the core of local community. 

The Post office was also where the local telephonist despatched international calls to the local families announcing births/deaths/weddings & other news of great importance.

This legacy did not leave the post office immune to change in the way we all communicate today and the arrival of emails/social media and international competitions in the delivery of everything from socks to books.

Government ministers looking over their shoulder to the next election would not allow the necessary changes to be made to the post office to allow it to survive. So the Post office was becoming a financial nightmare of debt. Change finally happened in 2018 when it was agreed that 160 post offices would close and that the organisation would be rationalised and fundamentally changed to ensure its financial stability.

The arrival of Mr. David McRedmond as the new CEO along with other key appointments enabled total review of the business model and its activities to take place.


An Post


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