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Our long standing client, Dalata plc, commissioned us to design their new state of the art headquarters to be based in the brand new Termini building in Sandyford, Co. Dublin. The client had been sequestered in offices a short distance away and their lease was due to expire. Their situation was far from ideal with various departments being sited across different floor levels. The brief for the new space was to have all departments across the one seamless floor plate with ease of communication and circulation across the whole layout. The office strategy for Dalata was to engage in a paperless policy and in line with current trends for hybrid workin facilitate a desk booking system for the staff. The layout needed also to play heed to current trends in office welfare and to engage actively in creating zones for interaction, chatting, informal meeting as well as adhering to strict standards in acoustic design to ensure their many online meeting forums could be carried out in the best possible way. The client placed significant significance on the role of ‘social spaces’ within the layout and the need to ensure that flow across the space was free, unimpeded and natural. This desire needs to be complemented with an interior design approach which engaged with soft branding, sustainability and tactility.


Dalata Hotel Group


Design of new headquarters


€2.5 million


Office and Commercial


Design complete

Our Approach

DW engaged actively from the outset with the client appointed design team and indeed the direct client representative to work through test layouts. These were critical to the proper concept and functionality of the scheme. A series of workshops and drafting exercises on a macro and micro scale resulting in a variety of solutions and by ‘working’ the floor plate we arrived at a solution which was both met and exceeded the clients brief in terms of accommodation and to which we could pin a very diverse, visually attractive and modern interior office design scheme. The creation of ‘The Lounge’ and the interaction between this staff social space and the open office space works really well in that there is no clear divide and the use of a zone of acoustically sealed meeting rooms between the 2 spaces enabled the negation of traditional threshold. One is easily able to flow in and out of these spaces without having to go through doorsets and still being aware of the transition from working to social spaces.
The space has transcended the clients expectations in terms of a modern office environment. The client’s wish initially was to veer the interior design away from the current ‘hi-tech’ trends as adopted by media giants and adopt a softer , more seamless and less hard approach to material, finishes and furnishings. This, we are delighted to say, has been more than achieved.

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