Hotel Indigo, London

Hotel Indigo


Paddington, London.

Douglas Wallace and London Town Hotels completed the design and development of the first Hotel Indigo outside America – in London Paddington. The Hotel Indigo brand is Intercontinental Hotel Group’s new 4 star boutique brand.

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The project consisted of restoring and adapting a terrace of 8 existing buildings built in the 19th century.  Acting as Architects, Interior designers, brand translators and project managers Douglas Wallaces first challenge was to transform the architectural envelope of the buildings – restoring them to their former glory whilst creating a 21st century 4 star business and leisure hotel interior environment.

The hotel’s overall design concept is based on the Intercontinental Hotel Group Hotel Indigo brand standards – but translated specifically for London Town Hotel’s site and sense of place – drawing inspiration from architecture and nature in the local area. The brand hallmarks have been applied throughout the hotel’s interior design.

The core concept and principles of the Golden Mean and Fibonacci underpin Douglas Wallaces approach to all elements of the hotel’s interior design–in the proportions of the reception desk and bedroom furniture as well as in the language and storytelling. The hotel’s unique and intriguing story is told through the use of   fabrics, murals, imagery, poetry and words. For example – bedroom wall murals reflect architecture or nature in the surrounding area and ceiling murals in each bedroom corridor expresses a different London walk experience, whilst on the journey down the main staircase guests can read the story of Fibonacci.  Pure colours –for shower room tiling and vanity units, fabrics, carpets and rugs , wardrobe linings and artwork combine with natural materials throughout all areas of the hotel to give a quintessentially London feel to an international hotel brand.


  • Category : Hotels
  • Date : 4 January 2012
  • Client : Intercontinental Hotel Group & London Town Hotels
  • Location : Cork, Ireland

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